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What the Luck?Bill Brabham, a recently divorced and unemployed financial manager from Texas, is a man down on his luck. With nothing left to lose except possibly a few years of his life, he takes a high-risk, high-reward job cleaning up at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

While in Japan, his luck drastically changes, and everything starts to go right for him. Unfortunately, his new-found luck seems to be coming at the expense of those around him. His investigation into this phenomenon puts him in the middle of a dangerous criminal conspiracy where he must contend with everything from the Yakuza to a sassy teenage girl with a penchant for role-playing.

Make sure to check out the "What the Luck?" Reader's Supplement for bonus content, pictures, and video.

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I'm posting this story for free on Royal Road during 2023, so if you want a preview, come check it out:

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What the Luck?




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